Raven's Rest Farm

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Purchasing Our Goats



Ø      A deposit in the amount of half the purchase price is required to hold one of our goats , to be received by RRF within a four week time period,once the buyer decides they want a goat. This is non-refundable if the buyer declines the transaction at a later date. The buyer has 4 weeks to pick the goat up or make other arrangements with RRF once the deposit is made.

Ø      We accept cash or money orders only.

Ø      If we are shipping the goat out of state, expense of the shipment, plus health certificate required, will be at the buyer’s expense.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to determine what is required when entering their state with livestock.

Ø      We are amenable to meeting buyers at a location, providing the travel expenses will be at the buyer’s expense. Including gas and any other expenses incurred.

Ø      Upon purchase, the buyer will be provided with all pedigree information we have available on the goat, plus health records and breeding results if applicable.

Ø      Our goats are wormed  and up to date with vaccines.

Ø      Goats not picked up within 30 days of pick up date, will become property of Raven’s Rest Farm, no refund will be given. Unless other arrangements have been made prior to.

Ø      Buyers should bring a well ventilated crate for pick up. Goats must have protection from the sun and rain, as well as wind during transport.

Ø      Raven’s Rest Farm will provide the proper registration form for kids not yet registered.  For goats that have been registered, we will provide the certificate with a signed transfer form.  Goats that are registered, the fee for registration is included in the price of the goat.  We register our goats with the IFGA.  www.faintinggoat.com 

Ø      We are happy to answer any questions the buyer might have. Thank you. Raven’s Rest Farm.